Why I'll have grey hair by 33

This morning, as we slowly pulled ourselves together, it occured to me that I could not avoid the inevitable. Logan was actually going to need more new pants. I pulled out the final pair that would fit him and didn't currently reside in the hamper - olive green sweat pants that were actually a tad short on him. Drat. My memory of what he had left this spring had failed me. He was about 2 pairs of pants short to get him through a normal span between laundry runs.

I rounded up the troops. "Kids, we've got to do a little shopping." I figured we'd head over to our favorite stand-by: Target.

"I want to go to the other big Target," Logan said.

"Logan, there is only one Target around here," I replied, trying to figure out if I had taken him to another one at some point in his short life.

"No, there are two. I want to go to the one by Pizza Hut."

"Ah. I see," I say grinning. "Honey, that's not Target. That's K-mart." Then I ask him how he knows he wants to go there. I say how I'm not sure he's ever even been there before.

"Yes, I have," he says confidently. "That's where we got the cups for the toothbrushes. Remember? I lost the ball I got at Pizza Hut when we were shopping there."

I'm sure my mouth hung open for a moment. Holy crap, he was right. We had gotten the bathroom odds-and-ends there. . .A YEAR AGO when we re-did the bathrooms. And, he did lose a ball that day.

Remind me to watch what I say in front of him lest he decide to recall it during circle time sometime in April.

The little one is not without the ability to grey my head. She is barely over the 12-month mark. She's been walking since 9 months old. She's been attempting to climb shortly there after. On Friday, she began to succeed.

I put her down on the ground in our back yard to help Logan locate his baseball. Normally this is a non-issue. Megan will wander behind or she'll find herself something to play with. But Friday was to be different. I heard her giggle. I turned around to see what it was amusing her and I nearly spit my heart out.

Megan Rose was half-way up the big slide of the new swing set.

Not even the ladder (rope ladder actually). Nope, the actual slide.

She did it again today. She's hellbent on making her way up there. She'll decide she needs a hand after repeated attempts to escape up the stand at the bottom of the slide (ON IT!) waiting for you to hold her arm so she can walk herself to the top. She giggles as she goes. Turns herself gracefully at the top, sits and then holds her hand so she can slide down -- only to hop to her feet, get up again on the bottom of the slide and repeat her newest trick. This time I took a picture or two.

She can also get part way up the rock wall of the swing set. Gone are the days poor Logan could have attention and focus in the yard with only one adult home. Give Meg a little bit of slack and she's embracing her inner mountain-goat. Now the only way we can do more than spot Megan's exploits is to get both kids on their respective swings at once, convice Megan that her littel red Coupe is worth riding around in or tricking her into trying to climb the infant slide on the old set -- something she actually can't do right now. Too steep.


Zee said...

Kids are truly amazing. If only we cold keep up, eh?

Lish said...

Thanks for visitng my blog the other day. My niece and nephew are 1 and 1/2 and 2 and 1/2. Need less to say they are quite a handful. I am completely exhausted after I babysit them.

thatgirl said...

that's amazing. i find myself caught between "i can't believe you remember that" and "i can't believe you have no recollection of that. it's boggling what their minds choose to keep and discard.