a better day

Apparently he really does listens. At least, when he wants to.

We practiced again this morning:

"Ok, and when Mrs S says its circle time, what do you do?"

"I put my toy down and I run to circle time!"

"You can walk," I said just like I said every other time.

"I know," he said with a smile.

"And what about when its time to come in from the playground?" I asked.

"I go in. I don't even argue. Not one bit!"

We're back to our normal schedlue this week so I went off to work and Logan waited not so patiently at our home with Grandma until it was time to leave. As she dropped him off, Grandma went through rotation of questions with Logan one more time. He responded the same way again.

Mrs R patted his shoulder and said, "Oh good! I see we have a good listening ears on to! Good job."

And those good listening ears stayed on the entire school 'day.' He was smiling and proud when Grandma picked him up. He handed her his artwork happily chattering about what he had painted for her to hang in her kitchen. He sang his clean-up song for her and he talked about how he couldn't wait to go back on Thursday.

Now if only he could come here and teach some of my co-workers a thing or two about "good listening ears"!!!

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PapaCool said...

Amazing how kids can turn hearing on and off. Just preparing for when boys grow up and tune out everyone but the TV.