Go ahead, make my day. . .

Bruce has taken an unexpected trip to upstate NY to visit his ailing mother. Ailing is putting it mildly, for what its worth. It always rattles our routine when he travels, but more so when its a last minute thing. Today I had to work, as I normally do on a Tuesday. We were running late because just as I was about to step into my slacks, a child woke up. And then just as I was going to to attempt to finish dressing, the other one called me to his room. By the time Grandma showed up and then by the time we all made our way out the front door, I was frazzled.

I bent down to kiss Logan goodbye and he admonished me for not getting to the van quick enough so he could press the numbers on the garage door code panel to close it. I pecked a kiss on his head anyway, and then I kissed Megan. I backed out of the driveway and paused to be sure the garage door was staying down - its been quirky about that lately with one of the senors misaligned. I waved to Logan. He giggled and waved back.

I waved to Megan and she yelled "Buh-buh!" as she flapped her arm. Then I blew her a kiss.

And she blew me one right back. She touched her finger tips to her lips and then she pulled her hand away until her palm was flat out before her. Yeah, that made my day.

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Cath said...

Thats so sweet!