Logan's preschool does a half-class-half-day thing on the very first day. Meaning today, 7 members of his class attended from 9-10:10 and the remaining 6 went from 10:20-11:30. Logan was in the 2nd half, which sort of stunk because he began yelling at me to hurry up or he'd be late at 7:15 this morning. Thank goodness he was easily distracted by a Clifford game on the computer and then some "exercise" (he likes to jog & walk around our neighborhood). I knew he was nervous even though he wasn’t saying it. He was up a few times in the night with nightmares. He was acting out more than normal. And he was more likely to get upset over little things. However, when we got to his classroom he found a toy he liked and jumped right in. He smiled for a photo. He humored me by looking at his name written on a star on the class bulletin board. Then he said "Hey, Mommy. You can go now. Bye." So I went. Except Megan didn’t think that was a great idea, because apparently Megan thinks she's ready for preschool to. She screamed the whole way out of the school wing until she found balloons to play with. She enjoyed her special time of play and then amused herself by visiting every member of the church staff as we waited outside the nursery school wing to pick Logan up.

They opened the doors that section off the church from the school. We walked down the hall and found the classes still behind their own closed doors. Logan was seated at a table with his classmates doing the hand motions for the clean-up song the teacher was teaching them. Megan was trying to grab the picture of Dora the Explorer from off the classroom door. And then the door opened. Logan saw Megan first. Then me. He ran over to say hi. Gave me a hug and said "I had a great time. I love school!" Megan was off and running. She loves preschool toys. Did we mention that? Logan decided to show us everything in his room. His teacher asked for a hug goodbye and he ran over to oblige. Meg, again, cried the entire way out because she wanted to stay.

Logan was one giant smile the entire walk out. A smile that got bigger and bigger the more he talked about his school day. He told us about circle time and telling the kids his name. He told us about the book Mrs S read to him. He talked about his cubby saying "it’s like a backpack on the wall." He talked about how he used the bathroom and Mrs R had to help him up onto the seat. He said "Oh, Mom, the bathroom is so big! I was very impressed." He can’t wait to go back and he asked if next time he got to stay longer. He does. We drop him off at 9 and he stays through to 11:30.

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