Excuse me, ma'am

Today I got to be the mom of the problem child. Or at least one that needed to be reprimanded. I have to admit to not being surprised about why. A typical day in our house includes me whispering into Logan's ears "Are these things on? Testing, Testing!" Apparently the teacher ran into the same problem.

So now our quest to work through the refusal to listen and respond steps up a notch. I don't expect a three-year-old to achieve this with perfection, but it would be nice if he didn't have to leave preschool trying to tug me out the door before the teacher could talk to me because "instead of listening he was intent on doing his own thing."

He swears he went to circle time when called over. Then later he clarifies for me - "I went after three more times with my car." He admits to debating whether it was time to go in from the playground.

So we're looking for games that focus on listening. Simon Says. Red Light/Green Light. Any other suggestions?


Cath said...

Try these websites -




expatmama said...

Hmm, I was just going to pop in and comiserate, as Pedro is definitely one to do his own thing no matter what. I didn't have any helpful suggestions, but now I'll check out the links Cath suggested!