Things that Suck

- Being sleep deprived and sick all at the same time.

- A newborn with a head cold that understandably gets pissed off at the bulb syringe.

But even worse than both of this what sucks is a "Mamma's boy" two-year old with a head cold that can't understand why Mom can't just toss the little sister in her crib 24/7 and hold him instead endlessly. Mind you we're not talking hold on my lap while we sit. Now we're talking stand in the center of the room and hold him.

Thankfully a little reasoning goes a long way sometimes. Even if it does end in a temporary meltdown of total two year old tantrum. It goes something like this:

"Mommy carry me! Put Megan in her crib! Carry!" shouted at me.

Me "Logan, we've talked about this. I can't do that. Megan is sick too and she's too tiny to understand what's going on or to take medicine to help her. She needs me too. I am one sick mommy taking care of two sick kids. Just chill out."

Scream scream scream, kick feet on floor like mad, scream, scream. . .lull in action followed by "Mommy, I want some milk. Can we watch Disney?"

Someone send me sedatives or booze - for me.

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Mandy said...

Thank goodness for Disney, eh? Poor Sandy. I really wish I could help! Of course, I really wish I could borrow Logan to play with Liam and just get to hold your newborn. I miss the feel of a newborn!

Hang in there, you will get better and then there will be new challenges!