Oh The Irony

Since I've been on pseudo-leave, I try to check my work email at least once a week. Typically I skim through it daily and just make the effort to clean out the crap once a week. Tonight was one of those cleaning nights.

In exactly one week I collected 135 new emails. Of those, roughly 25 were legitimate work related emails - not worthwhile, mind you, as most of them came to me via group alias email addreses, but still work related. Emails about free lunch in the cafeteria, training set for a day I still won't be in for, or new training/pricing/offers from a vendor partner.

The rest of my new inbox inhabitants come from that delightful category we name after canned mystery meat - yup, Spam. And there lies the irony. In my mass delete the crap frenzy I saw at least a dozen ironic subject headers in my junk email. Now remember, these all come from people that have only first names and illegitimate email addresses in the "send" and "reply to" fields. These ironic emails all contained subject lines that amounted to one general theme "Got a lot of spam? We can help! Open our unsolicited ad and download our crappy product to help you avoid getting more mail from people like us." Yes, I got spam blasting spam - at least that's what they say.

Subject lines of the anti-spam spam include:

"The only smart way to control spam"

"Get smart spam control you can trust"

"Is spam out of control in your inbox?"

I almost want to reply to that last one with a simple - Why, yes it is. Thank you so much for contributing to it moron.

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