Reason #52 Why I'm a Bad Mommy. :)

Although this isn't a picture from today, it is one that will illustrate my point. This photo was taken about a month ago. He did not finish the giant-sugar-rush-pop then so I had it wrapped in plastic and hidden in the pie safe. Today, at my wits end - 2 and half hours into the combined cryfests of two children - I did the bad deed. I had Megan in her swing asleep for a short time. The day's history told me it wasn't going to last long. Logan sat on my lap looking at the pictures of the family scroll through the screensaver. This photo came up. He started talking about the lollipop. About wanting the lollipop. And she started stirring. . . so I did it.

I said "I know! Do you want your lollipop? I know where its hiding!" And plopped him in the highchair that he only now uses for arts and crafts and I need more space than my booster allows occasions. I found the giant-sugar-rush-swirly-gig and I unwrapped it. Handing it to him and then dashing quickly around the kitchen to toss something together that looked like dinner while I had a moment to do so. Threw the lame excuse of a meal into the oven and rushed to remove the little one from her swing before she had a complete meltdown. It was 5:45. Bruce would be home in just a half hour. Dinner would be in just a half hour and there my son sat sucking away on a giant lollipop Grandma once bought him as a joke (long story there!) I didn't even care that he might not eat a real dinner. I didn't even care that he might be a rapid mess at bedtime. He had stopped the on-again-off-again-but-mostly-on-again tantrum and the little one was resting semi-peacefully in my arms near the high-chair of doom eating and not fussing. I nearly passed out from emotional exhaustion right then and there.

For what its worth, Logan did eat a lame excuse for a dinner. He hardly ever eats well when he's sick so I'm essentially estatic that he ate what he did - two Yumsters Yogurt, three slices of cheese and a handful of Gramham Cracker sticks. Oh, and milk.  Posted by Hello


Mandy said...

Heck, Sandy, that is more than Liam eats in 2 good meals! I think you were perfectly justified to use the secret weapon! You wouldn't be human if you didn't. Now, he can think about something good that happened the day he was sick. Something he doesn't get to do much at all!

Hugs and hope you feel better and have a much better day tomorrow.

a very tired mommy said...

that is absolutely hilarious, and no good reason for you being a bad mother.....but your kids are sure to blame you anyway! LOL

seriously, give yourself a break.... :)

he's a cutie! :)