Its a good day

More happy dance worthy events:

1. My 2nd ever article to go appear in a print magazine showed up in my mailbox today - a piece about Embryo Donation in the November issue of ePregnancy. This piece, as did my first, garnered a cover mention. Yay me! I'm particularly proud of this accomplishment because its the very first thing I've written for publication that resulted from a pitch I submitted on my own without any help in any way, shape or form. The topic is a sensitive one for many folks and as such the piece was hard to write. But write it I did and now I'm tickled to find it all nicely laid out with toy blocks and happy faces surrounding it.

2. The Yankees are facing off against the Red Sox tonight and they have not, despite my previously unvoiced fears, gotten shut down, put to sleep, rendered useless [insert your own depressing description here] by Curt "I wanna win one again" Schilling. AND, also despite my previously unvoiced fears, Mussina has yet to stink up the mound. Yeah, I know, he's a good pitcher. Ah huh. I have no faith in his arm. . .but the last I saw on the TV he was spanking down those Sox. Its still early in the game so I better stop rambling before I put my foot in my mouth. I will say this though:

Dear Curt, You're in Boston now buddy, not Arizona. The Curse lives.

Oh and I will also say that I'm really peeved I can't get one of those "Pedro Who's your Daddy shirts." I mean come on, Martinez is the one that said the Yanks were his Daddy. IT was his quote. Get over it people and give me my shirt.

3. My bathroom is now half-complete and totally unpink. This is a very good thing.


MER said...

Good Job I know how that feels to have things published eventhough it is a Letter To The Editor.

Dawn said...

Just a polite comment that it was MLB and not the Red Sox who banned the "Who's Your Daddy" shirts, simply because they were using team logos without the MLB's consent.

And yes, I know we're getting spanked by the Yankees....sigh.....

Sandy said...

:) Ahhh, see the news down here is that MLB banned the shirts after the Sox complained about them.

As for the spanking - hey - there are five games left on the calender. I'm not doing any real celebrating till NY gets two more wins. sox are dangerous! Its not over yet

Tiffiny said...

Can't wait to read your article. I'll have to look for it. Congrats to you!

As for the game, there's still 5 more games! At my house we're rooting for the Red Sox. We know that it will be a close series, as it always is with these two teams. May the best team win! :)