No command performance

So technically I'm on a conference call as we speak. A long, drawn-out, useless conference call. I'm waiting for someone to ask what color cocktail napkins we need to put out at this event we're working on. Shoot me. One of my oldest (as in longest term -hi silvia! I know you're reading this at some point!) is sitting in my living room with my mom and the kids as I type this pretending to participate. I was supposed to be done a half-hour ago. By the way, I got called into this meeting last night at 6pm - for 9:30 am this morning. nice, eh?

But I digress, Miss Thing has not repeated her 7 hour stretch, but she has continued her 5 hour blocks and so I'll take it. Not that I have a choice, but we won't tell her that. 5 hours of sleep at night at 5 weeks old is pretty good, if you ask me.

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