slowly going crazy

First - Logan woke up around 6:30 this morning and decided it was a good time to just sit on my lap in the recliner and cuddle. Of course, as many good preschoolers know, cuddling may also include viewing some sort of child-focused programming. I gave him the choice of PBS Kids or Disney. He picked Disney.

I've been singing that damn Doodlebop "Get on the Bus" song all freakin' day!

"Doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doo. Let's get on the bus."
Second - according to the nice tracking page that Dell linked me to, my brand new PC should arrive tomorrow. Of course this is also the same carrier that screwed up part of my shipment to the tradeshow last month. Remember that? Leaving cranky boss' boxes at the wrong hotel. With my luck my brand, spanking new PC will end up two blocks over.

But I digress.

I've spent the LAST THREE HOURS attempting to burn the 'important' stuff from this old hunk o' junk to CD. You can imagine how many times I had to mutter something like "Damn it!" as the machine locked up mid transfer. I finally went with a "Direct CD" program that and skipped the other so-called "Easy CD" mess. So now, again in theory, everything I might want to keep tabs on, is neatly saved on disk that in theory I can open and view again on a new machine.


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Blond Girl said...

I know you will win the contest and save everything and have the new computer running just fine. I also know that, if you're not careful, the kids may learn a few new words in the process.... tee hee

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you want the story about Champs eyes, just check my archieves for an entry called "Haley Joel Osmet doesn't have anything on Champs"... it explains it pretty well.

Havea lovely evening. I hope you get more snuggle time tomorrow. It is simply the best, isn't it?