The baby is sick. It could be croup, although her rather impressive impersonation of a seal is only something she does occasionally. She's not coughing frequently, per se, and each time she does, she's not got that deep "arf, arf" sound going. Its when she cries. When I've gotten her from her crib and Daddy takes her over so I can sit for a moment or two without being a human tissue. Then she barks. Its awful. She cries, barks, yells MAMA, then cries, then barks some more.

Her little nose is so stuffy and runny. You can her her breathing as she sits feet away from you. She sneezes a lot. She also drools a lot which is likely the fact that her mouth is always open because of the stuffy head. She's a little more clingy that usual - but not much. Not like her brother gets when he's ill. He's velcro when sick. He's cranky and whiney and stuck on me like a new appendage. Its ok, I understand it, its just wearing after a while to have the extra 30+ pounds while doing all my normal stuff.

I had called the Ped yesterday evening to make an appointment for her. I thought it might be her ear. When I had picked her up from my parents she was runny but otherwise fine. When i got her out of the car 10 minutes later she had the glassy eyed "I feel like crap" stare and the heavy mouth breathing that signaled somewhere between here and there runny had moved to stuffy. The day before we had thought she was reaching for her ear a bit more than usual - so maybe. . . better get it checked.

Now it'll go from "is it her ear?" to "is it croup?" I suppose. Poor kid.

But she's not major clingy crank - clingy yes, and a tad cranked, yes, but not major. She's still playing (right now pivoting and inching along to retrieve her drum. She's already spent minutes chasing Tasha in the living room - letting go of the table and walking on her own towards her pet muttering "Dag, dag, dag." Until Tasha gets close and sniffs at Meg and then Meg just whines and calls "Mama, mama, mama, mama, Na. Na. Na." (Yes, she's now saying No. Usually with a shake of her head - a violent shake of her head.)

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Mandy said...

Have you been in yet to see the doctor? I really hope it isn't croup. have you dealt with that before?

Liam got croup this time of the year 2 years ago and it was no fun.

Give miss thing a big hug and kiss from us!