Retold with pictures! :)

Once upon a time, a young boy watched a big, fat, squishy green caterpillar munching on some parsley. It so happened that he came across this stripped eating machine at the very moment he was out looking for something to move into his brand new bug-condo. And so "Newchur" the caterpillar packed up 'his' bags and moved in.

One day (aka July 4, 2005), Newchur meandered up to the corner of his little condo. He relaxed so much his mid section bowed up allowing him to make a stubby little "J" shape. He leaned back a bit from the frame at the top, suspended by two thing filaments near his head.

The very next day he was wrapped tight in a cocoon, where he remained for two weeks until. . .

He emerged as a butterfly. And the young boy's mother discovered from the blue markings that "he" is most likely really a "she" -- even though the boy insists his mother is wrong about this.

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Blond Girl said...

Congratulations on successfully hosting a butterfly! Wonderful photos!