BSNC Fund - first a complaint

No, don't google it. Its not a real fund. Its one I wish was real though. BSNC fund - Buy Sandy New Computer. Yup, I need one. I need one badly. This piece o' crap sucks. Ask anyone that tries to IM with me on a regular basis. The damn machine crashes often. And now. UGH! Tonight! I was *this* close to posting a three year update on my son's blog and the browser I was working in just shut down. No error notices. No warnings. Poof! Its gone. Blogger did not eat my post. My PC did. Gone. Gone. Gone.

Yesterday I found some great deals on a computers we'd like. I did the research. I got the info from B on his company's employee discount program for this particular brand. I even did the online credit approval form. And B chickened out. "I think we probably need one," he says, "But I worry about how to pay for it. The money. It scares me." So we walked away from the deal - the "this special ends TODAY" deal, by the way. Today as in yesterday.

So tonight I sat down at my 5 1/2 year old piece of crap, er I mean computer. I start to type. I invest many a minute of my night crafting a heart felt piece about how big my kid has grown and how fun and amazing he can be and the damn PC just fries it up into little bits of never again to be seen 0s and 1s.

And so now I'm back on this piece of crap and instead of going back to what I was doing, I'm off shopping again for a new computer. It may take longer this time since I'm going to feel compelled to find another deal like I had yesterday. DAMN!

Anyone want to send their spare pennies over? The fund is now accepting donations.

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How about a drive? OH I am going right to hell for that one. Wellif you get a collection going, send some this way!!!!