Life by Bullet Point

Once a week we have a team meeting at work. It happens to be on Monday morning so I get to go. I also once made the mistake of taking really good minutes for bossman while covering for someone else on the team. Since then I get to do it every week. Lucky me. I'd be irked by it if I didn't end up with my regular hourly rate to be a note taker. Each Monday afternoon I type up my notes - in bullet format - and send the transcript off to the entire department and the executive committee. I've become comfortable with the bullet point as a result. It seeps into my life when I least expect it - like tonight.

* Nag - My son has become a nag. I think its a three thing. Or an obnoxious tick designed to pay me back from some form of evil I engaged in. Example?

Him - Mommy, can I have a yogurt now?
Me - No, Daddy will be home in 15 minutes and we're having dinner then.
Him - But I want a yogurt right now.
Me - If you eat a yogurt now, you won't eat your dinner in 15 minutes.

Moments later he appears at my side and hands me a cluster of containers held together by cardboard. I ask him some what sarcastically "What is this?"

Him - That's my yogurt. Can I have it now?
Me - Logan Daddy will be home any minute, just wait. What are you doing now?
Him - Getting my spoon.

* Sometimes the best part of having a chef in your family is stealing his recipes because its not like he'll really get around to cooking FOR you. I type this as my spare ribs sit in their salt rub for the night preparing to be slow roasted tomorrow. Yummmmy!

* The neatest part about helping out someone that thinks she knows more than you - is proving that she does not. I'm not getting into that one.

* For the 2nd time we've canceled a scheduled garage sale. Once because of my uncle's health issues and once because of the threat of cruddy weather (that so far has not shown up.) However, some day we WILL have this darn sale and I will get to clear out all the crap in my basement. Its safe to say at least half of said crap is a hand-me down from the inlaws.

* Sounds that can make me smile
- Megan smiling at me and saying sweetly "Mwah!" Its her attempt to blow kisses without, you know, really blowing kissing.
- Logan whispering to me as I kiss him good night "Mom, you're the greatest. I love you."
- Megan holding her stuffed frog and giggling as she says "Rrrret, Rrrret!" (or Ribbet, Ribbet.)
- Logan lecturing the dog "Now Tasha, that is not nice to try to get Megan Rose's breakfess. You have to leave her alone. Here, I will get you a treat. Come on! Get the treat!" (All while the dog sits beside the high chair staring as if to say, "You've got to be kidding me. The buffet never ends over here!"
- Hearing a three year-old's take on aging, "Mommy, you are not old." (To which I said "Thank you honey.") "No you're not old now. Next year you will be old." (Ahh, gee, thanks.)
- Don't ask how it got to this point, but Logan on being dead "My body will not be in the ground. It's just hiding and I'm going to find Jesus and tell him to come help me find it again."

* Finally, I probably should not be posting when half-asleep. Ya think?

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