Ah, not quite

No sooner did I hit "post" this morning, then did my husband appear in the next room with a not quite sleeping girl on his shoulder. "She was standing" he said glumly. So much for that theory.

This afternoon the sweet, lovable, office dufus decided to help the boss find a better hotel deal for tonight. He found one. He told the new exec assistant that he had the two required rooms and she just needed to call back to confirm with the right credit card number. He told the boss that he had rooms at half the price of his original stay. Boss canceled his expensive reservations under the repeated assurance that he had a better option. He got the address and he was on his way.

Then the Exec Asst. made the call with the credit card number in hand. "You just spoke with someone in our office, we had two rooms reserved a moment ago..."

Oops, not quite. Between the time Dufus hung up and EA called, one room vanished. Mad hunt for new hotels ensued. Being on the outside of this fiasco looking in, I found it quite comical.

And yes, if you're curious, bossman did get a new hotel finally.

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Alyssa said...

Oh, how I love being on the outside looking in! But truth be told, my boss usually throws me in the middle of these kind of things to sort everything out. :o)