And the winner is. . .

It started when Logan was just days old. I got it in my head to photograph him in black and white for a special framed piece. The 'winning' selection hangs in our hallway behind black frame and white mat coupled with a card bearing his footprint, birth day and stats. Each year since, we've taken black and white photos of him just after his birthday. The winning selection is put in a frame with three openings that matches the original frame. This year the last opening gets filled. We took our roll today and this is the winning picture:

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Blond Girl said...

That is beautiful!

I was on Michele's site and hit a random link in her blogroll and ended up in some very dark, depressing site.

So, I clicked a random link again (truly random; I'm not wearing my glasses!)and found you. I can't even tell you from where I came.

Your site caught my eye and made me get close to the screen to see it all. It is delightful! I have a 5 year old daughter, and I enjoy reading other mommy's blogs. I will be back - and I'll have my glasses. Have a happy day!