Zero progress

Today was my 38 week check-up. I've decided that I'm particularly fond of the scale in the particular exam room I ended up in because it always has me weighing less than the scale I was on a week prior. :) One of my favorite doctors was in today. My appointment, if you recall, had been originally with Dr. Panic as the other guys were supposedly off. But, Dr. Panic must have paniced about beind all alone or something because yesterday I got a call to move my appointment to an early time with Dr. N who would be in and "helping out" in the morning only. Yipee!

Dr N is a really nice, happy guy. He reads your chart thoroughly as you talk things through with him. He pats you on the back and tells you to hang in there the end is near. He's got cute little alumnium can airplanes that dangle from the ceiling over the exam table that say "Relax and scoot down."

He poked at me. He listened to the baby's heartbeat (just perfect is that little beating heart.) Then he did *the* exam. . . and produced news I wanted to sock him for. No change.



I didn't actually ask about effacement. . .but what I do know is that I have a completely locked tight cervix. Not even a smidgen dilated.

"And the baby's head still a bit high," he added for good measure.

"High?" I said. "But...high? Really? I mean my big ole belly is lower. I can't sit upright. . .high? Are you sure?"

He smiled and nodded. "Well, she's lower. . .but not low enough."

"Crap." I said. Then I reminded him how L had to be forced out -- of course, that was forced out early but we didn't get into that today.

He laughed gently and told me to relax, it was still 12 days to my due date.

"So those darn crampy Braxton Hicks are doing nothing." I said with all the *please pity me* tone I could muster up for my voice.

"They will. I promise. They will. That kid can't stay in there forever." he said.


Then I call B and I tell him this. He says I sound disappointed and asks if I'm sad that she's not coming this weekend or something. That's not it at all. I want the baby to come when its time for her to come. . . but I also don't want to feel like all the crampy aches and tight belly feelings are just pain for pain's sake with no progress. That's the part that sucks. That's what's got me bummed. Is 1 little old centimeter too much for a girl to ask?


Dawn said...


I was hoping you had the baby already. Hang in there, it will be soon!!!

Sister Sunshine said...

Walk, honey, walk. The more you stay upright, the more gravity will help that baby move down into position!

Good luck!
I've given birth 6 times... but never made it to a due date. I don't even think I made it to 38 weeks!