Update on an update

Just got back from my follow up visit after yesterday's impromtu tour of the new L&D wing at the hosptial. This appointment was actually with Dr. Lopez - the one that delivered Logan and that tends to be laid back, easy going, all those nice things. My blood pressure is still no "high" but it is now borderline along with giant tree trunk ankles and more water weight gain. All of that combined with my pre-eclamptic history of the 1st time through this pregnancy ride indicated to Dr. L that it was just a matter of time before I was offically a Pre-eclamptic patient with high blood pressure. He said there was no way to know for sure, but he was fairly certain if I went another week, we'd be at the point we ended at last time.

So the resolution to this - I'm going in Saturday evening to begin the induction process. Still no real progress in terms of being dilated or the baby's head being low and in the "ready" however. This means the two drug combo for me again. We check into the hosptial Saturday at 6pm and start the first drug. Sunday morning when the doctor on call (this time Dr. L himself) makes his first rounds he'll see how the first drug worked. If it did its thing we'll start the Pictocin drip. If not, I'm guessing based on last time, we'd talk about a c-section. Either way, he thinks that we can expect Megan's arrival sometime on Sunday. I'm going to be cautious and say by Monday we'll have a 2nd child in our family.

I don't expect to be near a PC for a time either. Tomorrow, ahh, maybe. The weekend and shortly after - no way. So this could be the last blog post for a spell. I promise to put baby stats up here as soon as I can. ;)


Moxie said...

Wow, Sandy! I wish you a beautiful, safe birth. I'll pray for you guys.

Sandy said...

Thanks Moxie! I appreciate it!