More on yesterday's Great L&D Adventure

Since I was so focused last night on communicating the joy that was my field trip to L&D yesterday I forgot to jot down a few other things about the adventure that had been percolating in my head.

Perhaps it was the better quality machine, the advanced 'age' this time of the baby or the fact that the tech was so incredibly thorough and willing to talk us through everything - but this ultrasound was so much more wonderful than any other I've ever had. Don't get me wrong, I always love getting a peak at the baby. I find it rather fun to try to guess what body part I'm looking at and to decipher what it all means. Past techs have pointed to specific things and labeled them for us, but this was just different.

This seemed like a peak at not just the outside of this child-in-waiting, but also her personality. For example, in the tech's words, my girl is already talking a mile a minute. Not surprising if she takes after her brother who can literally talk himself out of napping by moving his mouth non-stop for an hour. The entire time we had her face on the screen her mouth was moving. Open, closed, open, closed. It was rhythmic and with the motion her lips would form shapes making you wonder if she was just sucking in and out fluid or was she toying with sounds. I have no idea if such a thing is even possible, but its fun to imagine.

We saw her stick her tongue out too. Something Grandma was quick to point out made her as, ahhh, expressive and possibly stubborn (since Ms thing was refusing to cooperate with the tech long enough to get a decent heartbeat read for a time there) as both her brother and her mother. I saw her sucking on her thumb. Clear as day - the shape of her finger finding her yet again open mouth. It lasted just a moment before we moved away to try to capture that heartbeat thinking perhaps now she'd be calmer and cooperate. I think that was, in fact, about the time the tech did get what she wanted.

It just amazes me to see these images though. I remember certain things pre-birth about the little man that seemed to hint at his personality. Even in the womb he loved music. He always responded to it. He'd kick and wiggle the moment a beat got going. He hated sharing his personal space. He was stubborn as anything and seemingly opinionated by the way he'd react to the ultrasounds, heart monitors and so on. These are all things that have come to full bloom in my two year old. He's got not problems, for example, telling a neighbor that she must go back in her house because Grandma has to take him to see trucks. He'll dance and sing his little heart out. He gets very upset if you invade his space uninvited. And he's among the stubborn folks I think I've ever run into.

SO I wonder what all that mouth motion and movement mean about my little girl. Will she prove to be stubborn like her mother and brother? Will she be another chatterbox or one that is just in constant motion - a ball of energy?

I guess one can't know until she's here and starting to exhibit her true self really. Speculating though is a whole lot of fun.

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