Brag and Post-partum fashion

I'm going to drop this here because I really feel compelled to pat myself on the back despite the fact I've done nothing really to get to this point. Well also because its not the kind of thing I'm about to walk around blabbing out in general so hey, what's blog for.

This pregnancy I gained rougly 30 lbs. (I was up over 50 with the last one. I had stopped counting when I started putting on massive amounts of water gain the last few weeks.) A decent amount of the gain this time also came in the waning days due in large part to water retention. Heck I gained 5 pounds in four days and then another 2 pounds in a day this last set of appointments.

The home scale and the office scales are close enough to say that what I see at home is about what I can expect in the office give or take a pound. That said, according to this scale in my little tiny bathroom, I've already (just 4 days post-partum) dropped 20 pounds. I'm so incredibly shocked and so very happy. ;)

What it means to me is that the vast majority of my weight gain was not 'personal gain' so to speak but baby related and water gain. Of course before you hate me totally keep in mind that I still have about 15 lbs of weight from my first pregnancy to drop and another 20-25 lbs of "I'd like to blame this on fertility drugs please but in fact its crap food and a sweet tooth" weight from the years leading up to my first.

On to fashion - when I left the hosptial the first time I spent a wee bit of time in a little horomonal pity-party of tears because I had to go home clad in maternity wear. I didn't expect to slip into the size 10 jeans I had been wearing prior to conceiving my son, but I also didn't expect to still be needing something stamped "MOTHERHOOD" on the tag either. This time I got to thinking - its all really just very much about that silly tag. If the tag isn't maternity - even if the outfit is big, huge, tent-ish thing - I'm ok.

I packed to outfits to come in and tought I'd wing it based on what fit me best. The first was a big, long, loose-fitting, empire-waisted dress. I knew it would fit me because if I could ignore the slight tight feeling across the back the last month and half of this pregnancy I could have worn it to work and church up until the end. BUT, it was not a maternity dress. No, it was a "gone are the bigger days" hand me down that came under the notion that I could wear it in those early transitional wardrop days.

The 2nd outfit was a pair of Old Navy Yoga pants and Motherhood t-shirt that was of the new (and not something I actually was thrilled with) spandex laden variety. It was meant to be tight and fitted around a bulbous preggo belly. I expected the pants to fit because I was wearing them to the gym and to walk into my 6th month. And they did - that's what I wore home. Yesterday was the same - Old Navy Yoga pants only this time paired with an Old Navy long sleeved t-shirt in an XL for the roominess. I prefer my shirts looser fitting that most Old Navy shirt cuts so I tend to buy them bigger. Today I've gotten myself into these cute low-waisted, half a band of belly panel, capris and a t-shirt B brought me back from Australia. I'm committed to have at least one non-maternity item on each day and I have to say, it does wonders for the self-esteem.

So there's my advice - if you're pregnant or planning on being pregnant, get thee to Old Navy and buy yourself their Yoga or Loungue pants. Oh, and big shirts. ;)

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