She's here. . .

Well we're home from the hosptial and I'm grabbing a quick minute to check in while both kids are napping. Logan should be up soon and Megan just settled in so the break is short. ;)

We're all doing well. Megan's arrival was much easier and faster than anyone - even the doctor - expected considering how much help it needed to jump start. The first induction drug (which started at about 8:30 Sat night and is a 12 hour adminstration) was actually enough to start labor. Around 4:30am Sunday morning I started having contractions and Megan was born just 6.5 hours later. I was about 2cms at 9am at which point the doctor broke my water. Just an hour later we were up to 6cms and thinking that we were going to miss the window of opportunity for the nice man with the drugs to come pay me a visit. Luckily he arrived just moments later with his cart full of fun. A half hour later Megan made her grand enterance after three good pushes. She weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces and 20 3/4 inches tall.

The last ultrasound tech we saw nearly a week ago was off on her weight guesstimate just barely (only 4 ounces!) but on the hair estimate a whole lot. While not sporting a full mane of locks, Miss Megan is far from bald. The hair she has is fine and dare we say almost long for a newborn falling off the back of her head and on to her pudgy little neck. It curls slightly at the bottom most of the time or around her head in various places when its damp. And while you may need the right lighting or more grown-in head of hair to compare it too to be sure, she does in fact have the same shade of strawberry blonde as Mom and big brother. Still too early to be sure what color her eyes will remain - they are that dark steely blue newborns often arrive with for now. When she's awake she's incredibly alert and focuses in on the voices that she's heard most often from the womb. We've already read a few books starting with "My Big Brother" on her very first day - she stares at me intently as I read to her as if she knows its something special to share. When the book is done she averts her gaze to her exploring what's around me meandering.

Logan adores her and we're hoping its something he continues to do as the days go by. He came to visit us in the hosptial Sunday afternoon and without as much as a "Hi Mommy" to me he asked "Where baby Megan!?!" She had yet to be released from the nursery. Once her saw her in her bassinette he started chattering about "My sister Megan" and telling us how pretty she was. She's even cooler in his eyes because she brought him Annie and Clarabel for his Thomas set - something he thought Santa Claus could only bring ("Megan is Santa Claus?!" he asked me at one point.) She also brought him a set of tracks for his trains - which he's now up and playing with as we 'speak.' He's spent a good deal of time this afternoon standing next to the Pack-n-Play staring at her and admiring her hands and feet. He's tickled her and sung for her. He gave her his presents - a bear he picked out and a small soft cloth book he picked out. He showed her the bears nose and mouth after we explained that she couldn't hold the bear just yet only look at it. ("See, bear's nose, Megan. Its cute," he'd say) The biggest hit of his day yesterday was a chance to "hold" the baby. He climbed up on my lap and I helped him wrap his arm around under her just below my arm which supported her head and weight. He was so very proud of himself and gave up holding her only to 'pet' her - something much more fun than merely holding apparently.

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Moxie said...

Wow! Congratulations! I'm so glad it was such a short labor for you. Logan just sounds so sweet--I hope it continues to be this much bonding and no jealousy.