A bit of this and a bit of that

Too much swirling in my head tonight to keep to one topic. Something not unusual for me and if I bought into things like horoscopes I'd blame it on the fact I was a Gemini.

Swing low. . .
It may have seemed to me (and apparently "You're Flatter" neighbor lady) that this baby of mine moved lower last week, but if she did it was merely inching down. Yes, because last night she truly took a huge lunge towards her exit. I woke up this morning, went about our routine, pulled on a newly ironed stained (gotta love toddlers and their sticky hands) maternity t-shirt only to realize that the view looking down wasn't what it used to be. Nope. There was most certainly a gap now between chest and belly. Not only that but there are only two ways for me to sit tonight. I need to either be partially reclined OR I need to sit with man legs. Yes, I said man legs. Which is essentially sitting with my legs as far as apart as I can get them in order to make room for the giant medicine ball that used to be my abdomen.

Speaking of signs
The other pregnancy related development has been the increase in frequency and discomfort level (well ok, let's just be honest and call it mild pain) of the Braxton Hicks. Yup. They hurt now. Not horrible bad, but they are no longer those pesky "Oh, my belly is just hard" variety. No, these suckers cause you to stop and take notice. Its just one notch about mild cramps. Nothing regular yet. Nothing predictable. Nothing that says "Pick up the phone and call your OB" but I must admit that at one point today I did glance at the clock wandering if it *was* something I should bother timing. I ended up foregoing the clock watch when a moment to sit still and drink a giant cup of water helped stop the crampy feeling.

Bite your tongue
Lest you feel the urge to shout hurrah, this is it, the end is near! Let me be the first to pop my own bubble. A woman in my mom's group had effacement, 1 cm dilation, low baby AND irregular Braxton Hicks contractions for the last 3 weeks. She was induced today. Yes, this, is enough to make me stare at the end of the month on the calendar and plead with my stomach to not torture me so.

So this is a job
Today B's department threw him a surprise baby shower. He had cake. Got to be the center of attention and open presents. Brought us home a 1/4 of a sheet cake (anyone want a piece?!), a few cute outfits and a Babies R Us gift certificate.

In my work world, I got. . .well nothing.

Speaking of work
Still no word from either my immediate boss or his boss on what projects on my big full plate are to be approved as "work from home" projects. Almost makes you wish the lower babe and Braxton Hicks really really do mean something because it'd be fun to call and say "Oh, yeah, that list you were supposed to chip away, prioritize and get back to me on two weeks ago - yeah, ok. . .well its all got to sit now for 8 weeks. So very sorry."

That's not to say I've not been working. No, in fact, I almost think bossman (big one) is testing things. He likes to send me emails to my work account despite the fact he has my home account and knows its easier to reach me at it since it pulls mail constantly and not just the few times a day I log into the office. These emails have resulted in three mini-projects. Great stuff, really, getting work. . . I just wish he'd also let us tackle the to-do list.

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Sister Sunshine said...

Dehydration can cause an increase in those pesky Braxton-Hicks. Make sure you're drinking 8-10 glasses of water/day!

Don't envy inducement... that nasty ptocin sucks. Wanna get labor started hot & heavy, strong and efficient?

Have sex tonight. There's prostaglandins in semen that will get your labor zipping right along. And there's no reason not to make love unless your water's already broken, in which case you have to get to the hospital within 24 hours anyway due to risk of infection!

New babies are so awesome!
: )