blogger ate my homework

I had this nice update all typed out yesterday. I even spellchecked and read it for obvious gross grammatical mistakes. Then I hit "Publish Post" and it disappeared into oblivion. In the past when I get the adorable error screen about not finding the web page my post is still magically saved somewhere on blogger even though you can't read it. Not this time - this time my words are in a black hole somwhere.

Ahhh, but oh well. To be honest its probably for the best as I wasn't all too keen on that old post anyway. Gives me a blank slate without having to delete the last one personally.

The news - I'm not offically out sort of out of work on leave - kind of. Sort of. I'm self-employed, more or less. I have one client, my former employer who I never actually fully returned to after my last maternity leave. I work in their office two days a week and then complete other tasks as needed from home. The job itself is good - the boss is, well anyway. I go into my 36 week check-up and all is well. I bring up work planning on asking how long I should do the 40 or more minute commute each way twice a week and all that glorious stuff that goes with my office environment. Long story short, I shouldn't do it past this past Tuesday. I got the OB to ok me working from home, but no more into the office for me. Whopee!!! I have to call on Monday to set up a time to speak with immediate supervisor about projects I should be doing now. At least working from home means less time interacting with the big boss - the...ahh, well never mind.

There is so much more twirling through my head right now, but I'm getting tired. Perhaps I'll write more later - I'll be up late waiting for B's plane to land and the limo to bring him home anyway. I'll need a good time waster and as far as I can tell I don't even have Law and Order reruns tonight. Drat!


Moxie said...

It's probably too late, but "What Not To Wear" is on at 10 (only the sucky American version, though).

Does this make it feel any more imminent? At least now if your water breaks to start your labor it won't ruin any of the chairs at work.

Sandy said...

LOL! Actually, that's exactly what I did - watch "What Not to Wear." THere are some days I'm so desperate for a new wardrop I almost thing its worth finding my most awful pieces of clothing to wear for a spell and turn myself in. ;) $5000 to spend in top notch stores. Hmmmm....sign me up.