Since my last post there have been two notable offenders to the 'rules' as outlined -

1. My father's cousin is the first. Upon asking me when the due date was (Sept 15th if you're not watching the calendar as closely as I am.) announced "Oh, wow, you've still got a long way to go."

I did not withhold my glare, although my mother spoke up before I could say "Bite me bitch." :) Good old Mom just smiled nicely and said to cousin "Oh, its not that long really. I mean really, in the grand scheme of things she's in the home stretch."

2. My very own, innocent, loving 2 year old broke a rule. Yes he did...and I forgave him only because he is my own child and he's 2. I think the two part did more to save him than anything else, quite frankly. I fought to remember that at this age he has no concept of body image and proper etiquette.

So yes, my child idled up to me, patted my stomach that conveniently hides my toes from my sight, and said "Wow. Mommy got big belly!"

Nice, eh?

At least he followed it up by patting his own stomach and saying "My sister in Mommy belly. I got baby in my belly too." Its hard to shoot eye daggers at someone that can be that cute and naive. Of course we've also told him that the Mommy and Daddy will some day soon (but not soon enough) go to the hosptial to get baby. So now, according to my truck loving tot, the crane currently building a new wing to said hosptial is in fact building my 2nd born.

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