Its offical

Well it must be offical - the baby must have dropped. ha! Wife of nosey neighbor yelled her hellos over the fence this evening. "Did you have the baby?" she asked amazed.

Me - Ummm, no, not yet.

Edie - Oh. Wow. Well its just that you look flatter or something.

Me thinking - What the hell does "look flatter" mean? Does she mean "fatter"?

Me saying - Oh, yeah? Well maybe its because she dropped a little? I guess. I don't know. Maybe being a bit lower would give that illusion.

Edie tossed in that her three all went that way too - so I guess she took a turn at being flatter.

So its either Person A in the previously written entry is correct and the baby is lower OR I should just give up my 2 year old loose-flowing preggo shirts for those like what I have on today - the new fangled "have spandex will stretch and fit like a glove" variety they've got out this year. Here I thought the fact that I had to wear this shirt with my black shorts because the spandex shirt was so 'fitted' it didn't hide the entire belly panel meant I looked bigger. But according to Edie, its just making me flatter.

And hey, if that meant something was going to happen sooner rather than later in terms of having this kid - well that'd be grand. Today my ankles are the size of small children, my back hurts like the dickens and morning sickness returned with a vengence.

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