Return to normal

Our house has returned to normal. Dad's back. Boy is happy about it. And Mom can stop worrying that she'll go into premature labor with a spouse on the other side of the world. In fact things felt so normal yesterday that I got ambitious and today I pay for it with a stiff, sore back. Stupid me.

It wasn't like I was carting bushels of produce up and down the hill that is our front yard. I wasn't lugging lumber or heck, even carrying Little Man. No, I decided to locate whatever red tomatoes still existed in my garden that weren't split open with over watering (not me, the rain) or bug attacked. I decided to take the new additions and the ones I've had in a basket next to my stove and turn them into one more giant vat of sauce. See, I've already canned 23 quarts of the stuff. . . what's one giant pot more?

For those reading that have never made tomato sauce from homegrown tomatoes, you have to peel those suckers first. Yes. Peel them. SO you blanch them and then you peel. Then stick them in God's gift to cooks (aka the food processor. I used to swear I'd never move out of my parents house until I had my own.) and puree 'em all. Commense with sauce making. I've got a good 20 cups worth of tomato sauce now in my fridge. I'm not canning another jar since that'd require me to buy more jars since the one remaining jar I have isn't nearly worth the effort of boiling the water in the canning pot.

Nope. Instead I'm going to be even MORE ambitious - except not today. Today I'm going to whine about my stiff, sore back and give up this notion that I can function like a normal person. Tomorrow I will be ambitious again and I will make two big pans of food up with my currently tupperware contained sauce. I will make lasagna in one disposal pan with cute little lid and a pan of stuffed shells. Then I will freeze them so that when baby is here finally here and we're in the reality that Mommy only has so many hands and hours in a day - we can still eat like normal human beings. Whew!

But like I said, not today. Today I am content to sit on my butt and whimper.

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Mandy said...

Sandy, that is VERY industrious of you. I think you will really appreciate your efforts in a month or so! Wow, I can't believe you are that close.