Why do I bother

Why do I bother attempting to reason with my child? To make sense of the things that seem sensible to an almost 3 year old?

Logan - What is Meggie eating?

Me - Mango. See? (And I show him the thin, mushey, bright yellow excuse for fruit.)

Logan - Its yellow.

Me - Yup. Want to try some?

Logan - No that's baby food.

Me - Well we can get you some real whole mango if you want.

Logan - Nope.

Me - When you go on your luau with Grandma in Hawaii they might serve you mango. Are you going to eat it then?

Logan - No. Its yellow.

Me - right. . .

Logan (wrinkling up his nose in disgust) I don't like yellow. Yellow is gross. I like green.

Me - Then do you want me to make you up some broccoli? Broccoli is green.

Logan - NO thanks.

Me - But you like green and broccoli is green.

Logan - Well that's different.

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