Dear Hubby,

Please do consider ironing your clothes before you go to bed at night so that on mornings when you need to be up at 5am to catch a train into the city you don't need to turn on every light in our room plus bang around the ironing board and make all sorts of other loud noises that would wake the dead. I'd have tried to communicate this without the very very long run-on sentence if only I wasn't half asleep.

And Dear Dog - if its 6am in the morning and I've JUST gotten back to sleep do refrain from strolling into the boys room and sneezing your loudest, grossest sneeze. It wakes him and makes him yell your name in such a way that I nearly fall from my own bed in startled fright.

And Dear Boy - it'd really be nice if we could just cuddle back to sleep on these early mornings when your father rattles and bangs around as he does. Mommy's tired. The only one still snoozing is the infant. Lucky her. Oops, I take that back so let me add - dear boy, perhaps we should not run our GeoTrax when we want the baby sister to sleep in.


Melessa said...

Oh yeah, BTDT!! I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep.

Cath said...

I'm always tired due to the boy getting up too early! I just wish my husband could iron!

expatmama said...

Yep, I know the feeling! Though somehow I always end up doing the ironing at 9:30 pm.... or else dh goes to work in a not-ironed-but almost-passable shirt.