Weather Channel's dartboard

Just to further screw with my fragile head this evening. . .

If one were to look up the 10-day forecast for New York City on the Weather Channel's homepage, one could find this prediction for Sunday (aka Game Day):

Only 20% chance of rain to ruin my day out.

However, if one were to look up the forecast for Sunday by clicking on the cute little baseball link and then conducting a search for the actual game I'll be attending, one would find this:

60% chance of rain to cancel my fun which is only slightly better than yesterday's forecast.

One might decide that there must be multiple people throwing darts at a board over at Weather.com and none of them compare notes before posting forecasts in multiple places around the web site. With this assumption, one might head over to accuweather.com just to see if ANYONE can agree with someone over at the other place.

And the answer is - not really.

Breezy with times of clouds and sun. Chance of thunderstorms is only 2%.

Oh, so fine. Instead of whining about potential rain, I will commence lamenting over what to wear.


thatgirl said...

See? They're all crazy. :)

Hope it doesn't rain, but if it does, bring rain gear and have fun anyway!

Sandy said...

LOL! Rain gear will only work if they don't call the game for rain. :) Although the last time I went to a rainy day game and they played through it (on and off with rain delays) I ended up with a new pair of sweat pants and new shirt because what I arrived in was soaked. So very fashionable was I. ha!