When the little man arrived in our lives we made a vow to get out at least once a month for a date. And get out once a month we did. The little guy would hang with Grandma and Papa and off we'd go to dinner. Or a movie. Or just Christmas shopping. Something.

Then the little lady joined us and that whole plan went straight to hell.

The last time Bruce and I went out without the kids - together, as heading to work in two seperate directions does not count - we were Christmas shopping and then getting dinner. We decided to go in the afternoon following Logan's sleepover with the grandparents. Since they'd already be busy with one kid of ours we wouldn't be adding in another day of entertaining. It didn't go well. Logan was beyond ticked off that his sister would dare encroach on his time. And we haven't gone out alone since.

Well that was to change this weekend. For Christmas my parents gave Bruce a certificate worth two tickets to any Yankee game. So we got online the day the tickets went on sale and after finding the vast majority of everything already sold out unless you wanted crap seats, we located a game. May 1st vs Toronto. This weekend. Not only this weekend, but with probable starting pitching that may actually equate a good game.

We ordered 4 tickets. One for BIL and his date - who is now incarcerated and so we bring husband of SIL. No kids. Just adults. Peanuts, popcorn and no bibs. Yelling and cheering without worrying that a child would overhear you refer to an outfielder by some colorful nickname such as "Catch the ball &@#hole." No whining that someone is tired. No demands that sound like "But why CAN'T I go on the grass and play? I want to hit the ball! I'm a big boy. I can do it!"

But then we saw the weather. Damn you weatherman!

70% chance of thunderstorms in the Bronx on Sunday, May 1st.

My big day looks to be a rainout. Nice.



Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!! What's a date with your husband? LOL. I hope the weatherman is wrong.

Zee said...

Here's hoping that weatherman is wrong!

thatgirl said...

Dude. It's Wednesday. And that's when I'm reading this. I don't know when you wrote it. Sunday is four days from now. It may rain and it may not, but I wouldn't trust the freakin' weatherman till Saturday. Think positive!