The Truth or Lie game Part II

My favorite number is 2. Its my favorite for a whole slew of reasons:

- My husband was my 2nd real boyfriend of any consequence
- The 2 of us together make a couple
- We've only lived in 2 places together
- We have 2 kids
- My favorite baseball player wears #2

And so I placed my lie in the 2nd slot. Yes, I never did own every single garbage Pail Kid trading card ever made. In fact I'm not sure I actually ever owned any GPK cards. Maybe just the one with my name on it...or maybe the two packs it took me to FIND the one with my name on it. But that was it.

So now the truth:
1. Yes I did indeed graduate with my BA in just 3 years. Its not a complicated story actually. Once upon a time in High School my guidance counselor suggested I take a couple of AP (Advance Placement) courses. So I did. History and English. Some time in May of my senior year I took the AP Exams. They grade them on a scale of 1-5. In the words of my self-proclaimed witty English teacher, "One meaning you just never bothered to show up to class and five meaning you really should have just taught the thing." I scored a 4 on the History and a 5 on the English. It earned me 16 college credits - a full semester.

As I set to picking out my Spring set of courses my freshman year of college it hit me - I could go along like normal and end up doing my internship as a junior and then graduate in December of my last year OR I could take a double major OR I could just take one extra class each semester and finish up a full year early. I opted for the fast-track program.

During my three years I only took one summer class - an elective English course at the local community college so I didn't have to overload the semester I interned. I started college in September of 1991 and left it 3 days before my 21st birthday in May of 1994. Got my job, left my stinky job. Got my first marketing job, met my husband and the rest is history.

3. I forget how I got involved with the program but here's the gist of it. Fifth grader gets pre-release book she picks up at the library, reads it, writes a review and the local bi-county newspaper runs the review with a photo of student in the Sunday paper. As pay, student gets to keep book. Its something the county library and the newspaper joint sponsored. I wrote a good number of reviews that hold the first few pages of my clipbook. First published at 10...and not counting the poem the same paper ran the same year.

My guesses for you (leave your answer in the comments!)
Anonymous - well not knowing who you are I'll take a stab in the dark: I say #3.

Christy - Umm, number 2

OCM - I know you. I know where you live. I know the panic you put in your husband when you shop - you are so not an heir.

Mandy - I say #3. You were ROTC right? Does that count as scholarship? And why do I think you were a cheerleader?

Thatgirl - I'm going with #2

Spuds - #2 for you.

Thanks for playing!


Mandy said...

Surprisingly, the closest I ever got to a cheerleading outfit was the year I was a cl for halloween (I was 4 or 5 I think). I really did have 2 full scholarships to college (1 ROTC and one because I was a national merit scholarship finalist).

I really was almost fluent in French once upon a time. I even started my Masters in French, but left it behind to move to TX with my man. Young love.

I was just talking to a friend the other day about how differently that scenario would play out now. I am sorry you have to move, honey, but seeing as how I only have 2 semesters left before I have a masters I am just going to have to stay here and we will visit when we can. LOL It would be tough, but I am much more secure in the relationship now and I know that, for us, separations are a part of the marriage. he is in the army after all.

thatgirl said...

I was only a cheerleader for 8 years. :)

thatgirl said...

I meant to add that I graduated early as well, but the difference between you and me is I was absolutely heartbroken. I kicked myself for telling my mom I could graduate early if I wanted to ... because once she saw the dollar signs, there was no going back. That second semester of senior year (only 1 semester early) will always be a gaping hole in my life.


Yeah Yeah your right. I'd never have moved here if I were an heirass, I would just live in debt, oh wait I do that now.....want to go to Coach? LOL

Christy said...

You were right! #2 I have not broken a bone every five years. I broke my streak at age 20 (after right arm age 5, left arm age 10, two toes age 15).

I skipped 2nd grade and I was the high school mascot for one year. Basically, I was a cheerleader in a "warrior" outfit.

Fun game.

spudgirl said...

You got me... How sad does it make my childhood sound that I never played spin the bottle? I think my first "real" (meaning tongue included) kiss was my FRESHMAN YEAR IN COLLEGE!! Late bloomer, tee hee.