It hit a blissful 73 degrees today according to the little weather toy (aka Davis weather station) perched atop the giant wood pole in our backyard. (see below.) About halfway through our day it occurred to me that we needed this true Spring day. We needed the chance to waste away a day in the yard - hitting an oversized plastic ball off a red tee with a giant yellow bat. We needed to sit at the kid-sized picnic table to eat our grilled cheese and ice pops. We needed to be mobbed by the neighborhood kids as we attempted to chalk up the retaining wall out front. We needed to take a walk with the giant double stroller, me sweating with the effort of pushing 50 lbs of child plus the contraption up and down hills - what was I thinking wearing jeans?!

We needed this day. And we got it. And tomorrow is forecasted to be even better.
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(Photo taken November 2003)

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