So this is a typical day in the life with my men. . .

At the Supermarket
Logan - Hey Mom, what are you buying now?

Me - Hot Dogs, Logan. We're going to have a good old fashioned summer-style cookout with hamburgers and hot dogs tonight. Are you going to try some?

Logan - Nope, I don't like hot dogs.

Me - You never tried one. How do you know?

Logan - I tried an imaginary hot dog once and I did not like it.

Civic Duty
Day prior to the cookout we head out to refill the propane tank for the grill. Across from the filling station we see a drunk teenager attempting to steal a street sign in broad daylight. He breaks a few beer bottles. Yells a lot at some friend a block away and then sets back to trying to rock the street pole out of the ground. We make mention of this to the men hanging out front of the fire station. They call the police.

Logan - Why did we talk to the fireman?

Daddy - Well Logan that boy over there is doing something that's not very nice. He's breaking something that doesn't belong to him so the fireman is going to call the police to come talk to the boy.

Logan - And then the policeman will bring the boy back to his house and they will tell his Mommy that he was bad. Then his Mommy will give him a big timeout. No more Tommy trains for him!

Daddy - Yup, something like that.

Vacation with Grandma

Logan - I'm taking Grandma to Hawaii

Grandma - Is Papa coming to?

Logan - Nope, just you and me.

Grandma - Are we going to go to a luau?

Logan - Yup.

Grandma - Do you know what they have a luau? They have pineapple, coconuts, pig. . .

Logan interupts - I don't think I like pig. I'm not going to eat the pig.

Grandma - Are you going to leave me for the first girl you see in a grass skirt?

Logan - Yup.

Grandma - That's not nice. You're there with me! You'd leave me?

Logan - Yup. You're a big girl. You'll be ok.

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