This morning I rolled into the gas station and filled the tank at $2.15/gallon. This excites me very much.

Of course the fact that it excites me depresses me. I have already become that person that bores today's youthful drivers with tales of time long ago when gas cost less than $1.

Who knew I'd get to that point in my 30s?

Tonight I completed the first draft of the first project as true outside consultant for the old job. I'm still gloating.

Speaking of jobs, have I said here how much I love the new one? Well, if not, I love my new job.

It's absolutely wonderful to be working with sane people again.

This weekend we plan on heading to the orchard to go apple picking. Take this as your weekend forecast. If you live anywhere within driving distance of me, it will be unexpectedly hot and humid. No matter when we go apple picking, we end up in the orchard on an incredibly hot (unseasonably hot) day.

Up until recently, Logan would select 'special' one-on-one lunches out at a limited number of places. I convinced him to try Applebee's one day as a change of pace. It is now the only place he'll agree to without a debate. In fact, if he sees the road side sign he begs us to take him there.

The week after our exquisite mother-son excursion, Grandma attempted to take him elsewhere to lunch. He put up quite a fight. She asked him why this one place. Cleary my four-year old has a future as a food critic.

He said, "It has a delicious menu, wonderful atmosphere and it's quite educational because of that little book and crayons they give you. Besides, it has a soccer ball on the wall."

In response to comments on the last post - the day got much better and the girl-child's runny nose is 'there' but not awful.

Also in response to the previous post, Nicole commented: He tried to install an IM program?!

Umm, well yeah. He did.

The computer in Logan's room arrived via a shuffle of PCs that included an inherited machine, a new purchase that lead to another hand-me-down and a failure to upgrade after one of those hand-me downs. It's actually a bit complicated if you try to keep track of who got what, but long story short: he got someone else's old machine.

MOST of the content was cleaned off. Certain child friendly programs remained or where added. Among these, although he has no Internet access in his room, was a web browser. That package apparently included a certain company's instant message package.

Logan found the icon for it as he was looking for another game to play. He decided to IM Grandma - which he actually does do on our family PC as we sit with him. When he double clicked the icon the install shield launched. When I found him he was about to start step two of the install. He knew exactly what he was doing.

"I want to send Grandma a message so I'm putting the program on the computer."

This is what I get for loading new software with him on my lap.

Oh and because I keep forgetting to reveal the answer I will do so now - that door in a previous post is actually part of an old bunker at a decommisioned military base.

I'd bother to spell and grammar check this (ok, who am I kidding, I rarely do either. I would have, however, checked that I wrote what I meant to) but frankly, it's playoff season and I really must leave you now so I can watch the Yanks. Gosh I love October ball. (Except, that it does erase my guilty pleasure. I admit here and now that I am so quite hooked on Prison Break. Why? I don't know. Bruce thinks it has something to do with good looking bad boys. I deny that in its entirety.


Paige said...

It is sad when you say something like...
"Wait honey back up, that station has gas for $2.08"
Ah the good ole days of $0.56 a gallon gas.

Cath said...

You should live in the UK, 'gas is around £4 a gallon(around $8!)
Glad you're enjoying your job babes!

Carmi said...

It'll skyrocket again soon enough. One more round of Iranian sabre-rattling and a surprise reduction in U.S. reserves will get everyone nervous again.

It's all a game. Which is why I ride my bike.