Crisp. Colors. Change. It's all good.

When pressed to pick my favorite season, I tend to muddle through a response that makes me sound like politcian courting both sides of the coin. Usually I say that I prefer the autumn and spring best. Except that I love winter holidays and I really do enjoy summer days at the boardwalk, in the pool, long stretches of sunlight. . .no school buses on my commute. You get the idea.

Lately, my favorite season is autumn. Namely because we're in the midst of it. I've begun to drag my sweaters from their storage boxes. I pulled up a bed of impatients and replaecd them with mums. (I know that photo is barely focused, but I love it just the same.) I even picked the giant pumpkin to display on the front step.

At one point I thought that perhaps it was as simple as I didn't have a favorite. And ok, so yes, that's true. Yet I've now come to realize why.

I'm in possession of a restless soul that grows easily bored.

There are certain things in my world that don't ever grow tiresome - mostly people. Relationships, if you're lucky and wise, evolve constantly thus avoiding the "staleness" that wreaks havoc.

Yet other things in my path. . .they are not safe. Sometimes small modifications soothe me. I can paint the kitchen and rearrange the living room to calm my restless itch over the house. I can clean the collection of jackets and toys from the van to make it seem almost new. I can even take long breaks from hobbies and then reacquaint myself with them as a means to shake things up.

Mother Nature gets me. She shakes up the seasons to help my spirit. I do love summer but after several months my garden loses it's appeal. The last crop of tomatoes often sits unpicked waiting for me to muster the motivation to harvest. The attire in my closet and drawers starts to seem drab and unexciting. I begin to long for something new and different. The routines, the rituals, it all begins to wear thin. I start to yearn for something different.

And then autumn enters.

The closet changes over. The garden begs to be pulled out. The flower beds rotate into something new. Nature starts the great process of metamorphsis and the nights arrive earlier. Suddenly it's a new ball game and I'm revitalized by it.


kenju said...

every season has its advantages and disadvantages. My favorites are spring and fall, but I also love the beach in summer and one good snowfall in the winter (but only one!!) If we had the same weather all year long, we would be bored all the time, wouldn't we?

Michele sent me.

Carmi said...

I love the constancy of change...it's what makes living on this planet such an endlessly fascinating experience.

I also love reading this entry, because it so perfectly captures how I feel about change.

srp said...

Here from Michele.

The changing seasons usually make me happy and content. Right now though I feel stuck in a time warp and can't seem to get out. The past has long since gone away and I can't see a future, nothing clear in any part of my life, just now and it isn't changing. But I keep trying. That says something I guess.

BTW your mums are gorgeous.

-E said...

I like the seasons, unfortunately I live somewhere where we have Summer and Extreme Summer. I'd love to see the changing of the leaves or snow.

Michele sent me.

Nicole said...

This was an incredibly succinct, insightful summary of change. I, too, tire of one season after a while. I often get strange looks, because as soon as the first sign of summer comes, I'm in flip-flops (even if there is still spring rain!) and right now I'm ready to dig out my sweaters (even though the temp is still in the 70's).

Paige said...

You have certaintly said it very nicely & I believe this is true of me as well. Thanks for the self lesson

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! Dd and her friend and I were discussing this very thing in the car the other day. Of course, they are 9 years old, so it was not quite as eloquent, but the gist was the same.