If your ears were here. . .

If your ears were here you would have heard:

Me: Ok then, what is 8+3?
Logan: (pausing a split second as he holds up his little four-year old hands, then sighing with annoyance) Mommy! I do not have 11 fingers.

Me: Megan, what are you doing?
Megan: (who had managed to get her-2-year-old-self up on the potty seat without assistance) I am concentrating.

Daddy: Can I go see "Santa Clause 3" with you too?
Logan: Ok, but you have to sit in the back row.
Daddy: Where will you be sitting?
Logan: Not in the back row.
(For the record he is going with Grandma. She tends to be his 'movie date.')

Grandma: When Uncle S gets married to Miss J, she'll be your Aunt J.
Megan: Mommy steps on ants and spiders.

While watching one of the most mind numbing children's DVD's I've ever seen - Tiny Planets - featuring the aliens Bing, Bong and assorted "Flockers"

Daddy: Ahh, those crazy Mother Flockers.


Wordnerd said...

Those are a riot -- you could write a book!

Tracie said...

These are all great!!

My favorite was "Mommy steps on ants and spiders"

Here from Michele's! Have a great weekend.