What the?

So I'm going a bridal registry looking for Christmas gift ideas for the couple awaiting nuptials. And I'm hoping you can help me with something my dear friends in the computer.

What the *hell* does one do with this: Stainless Steel Chocolate Fountain

My apologies to the person reading this that owns said $50 fountain of chocolate delight (although perhaps when you got it, it was still over $100.) I'm sure it's lovely the few times a year we opt to pig out on fondue.


Wordnerd said...

The only person that should ever own a chocolate fountain is a caterer. Because for most people, that's just gonna end up on the top shelf of the pantry for the next twenty years.

Anonymous said...

I'm with wordnerd. I know someone that bought one for her son's high school graduation party last year and now has no idea what to use it for. Her other son graduates in a year and a half - I guess it can come back out for that.

thatgirl said...

Heh. We have that! Actually, I guess we don't, but our in-laws do. We gave it to them last Christmas. We use it when all the grandkids (my kids' cousins) get together. When you have a group together it's pretty cool. :) Bananas, pretzels, marshamallows ... it's pretty fun.

M&Co. said...

That looks like it would be a bitch to clean.