Chugga your choo choo

It started off looking like one of *those* days. Any parent that has survived 'sick, cranky, toddler' says knows exactly what I'm talking about. It's a tantrum because Mom is not talented enough to butter french toast AND hold squirmy 2-year old at the same time. It's a heightened tantrum because the initial fit has cause a runny nose flood. It's one of those days when you stop and realize that you have no prayer of a shower, let alone clean clothes that you didn't sleep in the night before -- at least not without a fit ensuing.

That is, unless, you have a preschooler in the house that is worshiped by the aforementioned toddler. If you do and if he's not also dealing with a bad-mood inducing head cold, you may have hope.

You might lean over and whisper quietly, "Can you do me a favor." You'd tell him about the game he could play on the computer in his room with his sister perched at his side. He's nod and smile. He'd understand a) the game is fun, b) it's nice to help Mommy sometimes.

You'd head down to help set-up the game, but the PC would already be turned on. You'd help locate the right disk. He'd launch the game. (You'd make a quick dash to get the camera of course.) You'd find him later trying to install an instant messaging program so he could send love notes to his grandmother. You'd remind him he does not have Internet access in his room. He'd grouch about that a little.

They'd keep playing even though you were out and in their way. The toddler would be over her general crank and malaise. She'd be tackling her brother and begging him for hugs. They'd settle in around the train table. She'd be sweetly pushing Thomas around the tracks. He'd start bouncing Percy - loud, banging hops.




She'd stop moving. She'd look at him and shake her head. She'd start to wrinkle her nose in the way she does when she's about to scold him good.

"No! Woden Daniel. You have to chugga your choo choo!"

Then you'd leave the room because there was no controlling your laughter. No chance at all.


Wordnerd said...

Well! That sure chuggaed my choo choo!!! Thanks for the laugh -- hope your day gets better!

Cath said...

That is so adorable. Corey is a big Thomas fan too and i can easily bribe him to play quietly with his trains. Hope the runny nose doesnt last!

Nicole said...

He tried to install an IM program?!

Chugga choo choo, indeed! Loved this!

Linda said...

HOW SWEET! These are the moments to remember...