It is said, at least in the business world, that no one is irreplaceable. I don't disagree with this statement. As much an asset as one maybe to a company, there is always someone that can step in and assume responsbility. Perhaps it's not quite the same. They may do the job differently, but, the job does get done.

My former boss was a very big believer in this theory.

It's been two months since I left.

The req to fill my former job is still open. The tasks I did are piece-mealed out to various invididuals...some of them high priced consultants from the outside world.

I got an urgent call late last week. They want a quote from me - a price - to take on specific project work because they simply can't go any further without getting it done.

The irony, of course, is had they left me alone in my little cocoon of part-time employment this work would have been completed already and at less cost. I must now, to be fair to myself, as well as other clients I've taken on from time to time, charge fair market price for the services they seek. And frankly, that equates to more than what they'd have paid me in hourly rate wages to do the same work three months ago.

Is it wrong that this makes me giggle?


Paige said...

No, not wrong at all in my view. Although I think I may have had a biggggg belly laugh instead of just a giggle. I bet they respect you a little more now too.

Nicole said...

Boo-YAH! That rocks.

I left a job where I was being completely abused and insisted that I was doint the work of two people. When they finally stopped hiring, THREE people were doing the tasks I had been doing alone.

So, I totally identify.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

No...it serves them right because they didn't value tou when they had you...Now, they SHOULD pay for the privelage...yes, THE PRIVELAGE of your talent and services!

kontan said...

Not at all! Enjoy the feeling!

Wordnerd said...

No, it's not wrong at all...you should be horse-laughing!!!

Cath said...

Thats fabulous! Well done!

Chaos Mommy said...

Oh heck no, it's not wrong to giggle! Giggle your little head off!
There's a little something called charma that I think plays a role here.

Linda said...

giggle away - you deserve it. You know what they say about payback!

thatgirl said...

Oh my GOD. You go girl, and charge them fair market price and then some.