Holding Court

Megan's aunt got her a small chest of princess shoes (complete with crown) for her birthday. It arrived on our door step this evening along with the Disney Princess Memory game. Logan likes playing the Memory game even if it is with the "Silly Girlie Princesses." Megan, however, didn't even notice it was there. She was all about the shoes. We made the mistake of telling her the wing chair in the corner of the living room was her throne. Logan explained that princesses get to make the rules. Megan demanded her "magic wand" (although I never did find the right one - oh come on, you know all good princesses have at least three!) and her "fetters." She then held court right through bath time.

Logan, on the other hand quite frustrated that Her Royal Highness kept switching shoes, asked, "Why doesn't she just wear ONE pair?!"

I said simply, "Honey, she's a girl. She needs variety."

He's still quite perplexed.


carli said...

very cute. . . very "branded" but very cute!

Nicole said...

she. is. adorable.

I tell Claire she can be a princess, because - of course - I am queen of the universe. HA!

Chaos Mommy said...

Somehow I can imagine that telling Megan she can make the rules isn't going to be a good thing!
She's a very cute princess, though!

Linda said...

My daughter has that chest of shoes (no crown with it, though)...and yeah, she wears them all, constantly changing...but so does my 2 1/2 y/o son! He LOVES to clomp around in those shoes. So tell your son that BOYS do it too, lol!