Happy Birthday little girl. Oh, wait, I'm sorry. That is "Big Girl." She's quite insistant lately. Although, according to her brother she does not meet the basic requirements of 'big.'

We don't always agree with Logan's pronouncement however. Megan Rose is a BIG spitfire. She's quite big in feistiness. She's got a large amount of love to share and a bucket full of giggles.

She's stubborn. We have no idea where this comes from.

She's a bit bossy. Ok a lot bossy. Again - big question mark. (See me be facetious?)

She's incredibly compassionate and innately mothering. All her brother needs to do is stub his toe and she's all over him with hugs and "That's ok Woden. I here."

She's got a great sense of humor. Her eyes literally twinkle as she teases us...for real.

She's confident and yet she's shy at times.

She's got a memory that gets us in trouble and a set of smarts that gets us into even more.

She's creative and daring. She's girlie right down to the feather boa she requested and the dress up shoes she scuffs around in. She's a tom-boy that can scale the slides with the best of them. She adventurous.

She's talktive. She's musical. She's not even quite in her sleep. She's rarely still. Always on the go and always exploring. She's a parrot with a big brother she follows around and worships. She's his shadow and he's usually happy to have her.

So are we.


Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to a very complex and well-rounded little (big) girl!

Anna said...

Michelle sent me to say hi!.

Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

Shoe Guy said...

Happy birthday to your little (but ever maturing) joy. Michele sent me.

Shannon said...

Yes, you've said it before, but we SO have the same life. My little girl called her big brother "Wogen" for the longest time. And she's celebrating her 2nd birthday next week.

Happy Birthday Megan!

Wordnerd said...

What a wonderful, beautiful BIG girl...birthday hugs from me!

Chaos Mommy said...

With that beautiful red hair, I wouldn't expect anything BUT fiesty!
Happy Birthday Big Girl!!!

This is one of my favorite ages. There was nothing terrible about Louisa or Drew's twos. The threes, though, that was another story!

Love the picture, BTW! ;)

Carmi said...

She sounds amazingly like our little girl, who as you shared on my blog shares the same birthday - only 7 years apart. How cool is that!

I love how you've written about her. I know that someday she'll read these words and realize just how much she's loved.

Happy birthday, Megan. May you always have happies to celebrate with your loving family.