Thinking. . .

I'm not supposed to find last year's 'blockbuster' King Kong nearly as comical as I have thus far. It's currently sitting in perpetual pause - waiting for another night for completion as neither of us remembered it was a three hour film. And frankly, with an early start to the work day tomorrow, neither of us is up to stuffing the giant ape into a single Sunday evening.

Halfway in and I'm starting to get punchy. It was a good thing we didn't see this in the theatre because I'm thinking the people sitting closest to us would not find my "You think he takes steroids too? Should we alert Congress and Bud Selig?" nearly as amusing as Bruce does.

I'm also not quite sure they'd be up to hearing my running commentary on the natives - "Really now. There are what, a few million cannibals or whatever they are. You think at some point one of them is going to realize, itty bitty pistol or not, we can take that guy."

At least the big ape has shown up. I was getting cranky waiting for him. "Isn't this thing about the giant gorilla? Where the hell is the ape?"

I'll watch the second half just to say I did.

And then I'm going to have to have to find the girliest, tear-jerker, chick-flick to subject my husband to with the next movie rental. Anyone up for Tristan and Isolde?


yellojkt said...

King Kong was way too long. Get off the island already. I think Jackson was just trying to prove he could do Jurassic Park better than Spielberg.

Star said...

I see you are having some problems suspending you disbelief. Michele sent me.

Becky said...

Here from Micheles, The original King Kong was a thousand times better! (but then, I'm an old movie freak)