My little hero

Today is Logan's birthday. At 3-am and a handful of minutes, he will be exactly four years old.

He's reached an interesting precipice of his young life. He stands at the door way of real "kid" - tenuously releasing his grasp on that little boy that's occuiped our world to date. He's growing more independent. His dreams and his desires become more sophisticated. And yet, sometimes he pulls back from it. Secretly watching the shows his toddler sister adores or not so quietly demanding to be carried around.

In his mind, 4 is a magic number. "I can't put my shirt on. Three year olds don't do that. I'm going to do it when I'm four." He's going to do a lot of things when he's four, to hear him tell it. It's as if the magic curtain rises suddenly when the sun rises in the morning. The switch is flipped. Four has arrived and suddenly - power.
Whether it happens as he plans remains to be seen.

Logan is, however, most certainly maturing and growing daily. His evolution, while constant and fluid, has been quite proflific over the last year. He's become the sort of person I'd imagine befriending if we were of the same generation. He's got a wicked sense of humor and a deep sense of empathy and compassion.

He's comfortable in his own skin - a trait I hope sticks with him for life. He's intelligent and seems to have a boundless passion for learning. He finds an area of interest and plows head first into devouring it - reaching, asking, pulling for more information.

He knows how to kick back and have fun. He tells jokes. He teases. He makes up his own stories. He's located an imaginary friend - Pinky, a ghost from PacMan. Oh yes, he's a computer fiend. He loves to play games - both the kind that rank as "educational" and those that don't.

He's giving. He cares for his sister with tenderness that warms the heart. He's a fantastic big brother that takes his role quite seriously - usually. He reaches out and helps people he does not even know with pride and dedication.

Logan is currently enthralled with the Justice League - Superheroes. The truth is, although he's too young to quite understand it, he's my hero without the red cape and the big "S" on his chest. Even at the tender age of 4, he's already taught me so much. He's reminded me how very important the seemingly unimportant can be. To stop and take a moment to just lie on your back and look at the clouds.

He's reminded me that sometimes a little cuddle and a kiss can go a long way to easing the hurt. And, conversely, a little edge in one's voice can sting more than you realize. He's taught me that sometimes being goofy when everyone is watching you is more fun that being nutty when no one sees.

Logan, above all else, taught me what it meant to love purely. There is no give and take required. He simply is what he is and I simply adore him for it. He holds an extra special place in my heart because of this role.

Happy birthday my little hero.


barbie2be said...

happy birthday, little man!

michele sent me.

Wordnerd said...

Awww! Happy Birthday, Logan! Y'all have a great weekend!

Carmi said...

I hope he reads this when he's older and realizes just how special he is. And how lucky he is to have a mother like you with the wherewithal to capture this incredibly rich thought.

Happy birthday, Logan. Congrats, Sandy, for being such an amazing Mom.

margalit said...

Four is a wonderful age. It's filled with independance and learning lots of skills and being really proud of your accomplishments. I loved four a lot.

Happy birthday Logan!

Here via Michele again