How lame am I?

Over the last three months I've actually purchased three new CDs. Today I discovered a fourth one I'm yearning for.

The soundtrack to Cars.

Is this what being a mother does to a gal?

There are some songs that make me giggle with their complete hokey-ness. Seriously though, I've been walking around all day helping my son learn to play air guitar as we sing out loud and proud "Life is a Highway. . .and I want to ride it all night long. . ."

The movie opens this Friday. Grandma gets to go for the first round. Apparently, the first of ten. Or so Logan has told us. Not that he's seen more than a lot of merchadise and every available clip stored somewhere on the great world wide web. I'm fairly certain Daddy gets to go for the second viewing and I get the third. I'm sort of bummed. I fear he'll get bored of it after the second and damn it, I want to see the movie.


Shannon said...

If you're lame, I'm uber lame... The only CDs I've purchased in the past five years are:
1. High School Musical
2. Laurie Berkner's Under a Shady Tree
3. Lazytown

...and I'm eagerly awaiting a CD from Jack's Big Music Show, if they ever make one.

Let us know how the Cars movie is...

Toni said...

That's not lame! That's cute. =)

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