Big day for little people

Grandma is generous. Grandma is generous on a regular day but when she gets a hold of more inheritance than she had ever thought possible, she is very generous.

First she offered to buy Megan's "big girl" bedroom set. Then, feeling bad that Logan had the 25 year old hand-me down from my brother, she decided to buy him a new set too. That was back on Good Friday.

When it came to timing, luck was on our side. Meg's crib was not in the best of shape. The side that lowered no longer actually lowered. It had cracked at the lower corner and, although repaired safely, was rendered immobile. Add to the crib's issues - Megan was piecing together the process of escape. Although she is only 21 months now, she's a good candidate for crib abolishment. If nothing else, she loves to nap on the 'big bed' at Grandma's house when she's there.

The luck - well although we ordered the two sets at two different places, they both arrived ready to be delivered on the same day.


We've been talking to Meg about the big girl bed. She seemed to accept that something was coming. She knew all about Logan's big boy bed. She seemed to understand she was due one sooner or later. This morning though, when her furniture arrived (the first of the two sets) it hit her. She was estactic. She kept throwing herself on the mattress and sighing deeply. She'd look up at us and whisper in awe, "No more baby bed."

"Is that your big girl bed?" I asked her as Grandma and Papa smiled, content with having brought their doted on grandchild such joy.

Meg shook her head no. She ran a hand on her new blanket and said in a hushed tone of reverence, "This Megan's Princess bed."

The guys (Daddy and Grandpa) had to work a little at connecting the new headboard to the very old bed frame. The frame includes a full-sized twin trundle underneath. It had been Grandpa's long ago. It had been mine. It was Logan's for two years. Now it is Megan's. Grandma and Meg left us. Megan would nap on Grandma's bed again today while her room was pulled together. (It remains to be seen how easily she takes to it tonight - and if she stays in it without making multiple visits to us in the living room. Wish us luck.)

Shortly after their departure, Logan was standing guard at the front door waiting for the Ethan Allen truck. When it pulled up in front of the house he leapt into the air. "My bed is here!! MY BED IS HERE! MY! BED! IS! HERE!" he shouted.

The delivery men put it all together for us. The bed. The desk and hutch. They placed the dresser to the spot I pointed at. Logan stood back - just far enough to be out of the way and near enough to watch the action. The moment they left he was yelling about getting his 'covers' on the bed.
He climbed up the moment the quilt was pulled up, settled in and gave the whole 'bigger boy room' makeover a big thumbs up.

He thought a moment. He seemed to be drifting into that day dream state he tends to wander into now and again. Suddenly he returned to us. "If Megan has a Princess bed maybe this is my Superhero bed," he said. Then he thought some more. "Is this the bed that had the planets and space stuff on it in the store?"

"Yes," I told him.

"Hmm, well then this is my outer space bed," he said. And he snuggled in to it with great peace and joy.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

BEAUTIFUL! This is the sweetest story in every way...Your children are beautiful and soooo smart, too! I love her calling the bed her Princess Bed...LOL! Absolutely dearer than anything...and then Logan thinkin whathe can call his bed! Just Delightful, Sandy.

Cath said...

How wondeful! It is such a joy to see that expression of excitement on a childs face. Cherish it!

ribbiticus said...

love the expression on their faces! they are adorable! ;)

Wordnerd said...

They look so proud! And I'm so glad the grandparents were there to see their expressions...what great grandparents your children have!

Scribe said...

They have their own little kingdoms. So cute!

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