We've traveled with both kids before. Short day trips. Long trips to the "Aunts." Yet, we'd not every really taken a vacation with both in tow. This weekend we took a mini-vacation.

Where did we go? Well Thomas was in town. We went out to visit the little blue tank engine. We did go a year ago - with just Logan. Meg, about 9 months old at the time, stayed behind with my parents. Last year's trip was a special birthday treat for our three-year-old first-born. We didn't want to take away from his big moment with a cranky infant that demanded regular intervals of food and sleep.

Logan remembered this. He came to me about 5 months ago and said, "Can we go back to Thomas this year?" I told him maybe. "I think we should go so Megan can come. She's big enough now," he told me and then walked away. I made the reservations the next day.

It was a good trip. Of course, as with all good trips, this one left us with many a memorable moment, including but not limited to:

1. Logan, loudly and in public, "Pennsylvania smells like horse poop. Let's go home."

2. Megan, giddy over sharing a 'Hodel" bed with Mommy, "Mommy? You wake? Mommy? Once upon a time there boy and girl. Mommy? Once upon a time, Maymin (Megan) and Brabee (Brother, aka Logan). Have fun. Dee end. Mommy? Mommmmmmmmy, you wake? Mommy?"

3. An avid Little People fan, Megan quickly decided that any and every Amish man was "Farmer Jed." Of course, that made every cow and horse, Farmer Jed's cow and Farmer Jed's horse.

4. Logan giggling wildly, "Daddy sing the Farmer Jed song again until it makes Mommy crazy."

5. Megan, upon seeing the giant inflated balloon likeness of her favorite Sodor engine, "Percy! My Percy!"

6. On the ride home, Megan, again, decided a van was no place for a nap. This despite the fact that she desperately needed one and would often resort to wailing, "I tired!" Logan, being the helpful big brother that he is, decided to sing her a lullabye.

Logan - "Go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep little Megan. . ."
Megan (screaming at the top of her lungs and shaking her head vehemently) "NO! BRABEE NO! NO! NO! NO!"


Terri said...

Hi...visiting from Michele's.
Cute anecdotes of your children. And I'm happy to see/hear that "Thomas" is still around! Gosh, I read that book to my daughter 40 years ago it seems.

Carmi said...

I think Thomas is coming to a town near us. I've always loved his character. He's got serious pluck: just like our kids seem to have!

I love the vignettes of your trip in this entry. They're priceless memories that your kids will always cherish.