It sounded like a good idea

When I renewed the gym membership I got to thinking. Perhaps I need to do more than my once a week spin class.

The thing is, Meg pitches massive fits if I drop her off in child care. I had to wean her into it and use Grandma's handy "get her distracted and run" technique...with Grandma doing the dirty work. Or, I had to make up my mind to work out at night.

Which I hate.

The thing is, if I work at out night, I can't sleep. At least not when I'd like to be. I prefer to head over to the gym once bedtime rituals are over. Putting me on the treadmill, or whatever, shortly after 8pm. Get the heart pumping. No sleep for me before midnight. Easy.

I could work out in the morning. Yet if a kid wakes up while Daddy's getting ready for work - let's just say, Daddy isn't as gifted at the "home alone with two young kids and still getting showered" trick.

Yet, I had to do something. The lack of exercise wasn't doing me any favors. I wasn't getting any smaller. I wasn't getting any fitter. Taking two stroller rebels (aka - walkers) on neighborhood jaunts did nothing for my exercise quota. They stroll. They meander. They collect stuff. They take breaks on strangers' lawns. They sit on the sidewalk and stare at birds. We take 30 minutes to literally walk around one block.

The gym put out the summer schedule. Hmm, what's this I see? Wednesday's at 7pm Cardio Kickboxing. Oh! Now that sounds fun!

I'm an idiot.

I'm a tired, sore, can barely get out of my seat, no idea how I'm typing because my arms hurt so badly, idiot.

Was it fun? It wasn't not fun.

Was it good? If the fact that I discovered new muscles tonight mainly because they hurt for the first time ever is a positive indication, then yes. Yes it was a good class for those of us that need to be a little less smushy in the middle.

I worked out my arms. I worked out my legs. I worked out "the core." I bopped. I weaved. I jabbed. I hooked. I even kicked. And then I did squats - with punches. Squats without punches. Crunches. Stretches. And shortly before passing out, I got to leave.

It was the sort of work-out I'm not sure I've ever had before. Oh, and it was cathartic. Instructor says, "Really, really give those punches some oomph. This isn't just a work-out. It's stress release. Name your target. Set that fist towards something."

And in my little mind I said, "Hello boss-man!"

Maybe that's why I'm going back next week.

Just for fun photo of the day, "Feather on Mud":


Nicole said...

I used to take a kickboxing class regularly. It was a huge stress reliever and I looked forward to time on the punch bags so that I could actually make contact with my enemy du jour.

Wordnerd said...

Ouch! I ache for you!

Here from Michele's, even though you know I'd have been over anyway!

Paige said...

Ouch! Nice photo,I like the unexpected shots. Camera came in handy yesterday when a Co-worker's first grandchild arrived 1 mth early. He is 4.9 lb & doing fine.
I was just saying to my beloved how we really (I) need to get back to the gym on a regular basis. Soon I think lol
Happy Weekend

Dawn said...

I could have written this post about myself - except for the 2 young children part, since I only have one child. I am constantly struggling with the morning vs. evening gym schedule, vs. getting there at all. And MY gym also just put out a brand-new cardio kickboxing class which I am dying to try out - just haven't figured out "when" yet. Good luck with it!

verniciousknids said...

I love kickboxing classes!

Michele sent me.

expatmama said...

Gym? What's that? Oh yeah, where I used to go pre-kids (and about fifteen pounds ago. ) Sigh. Enjoy your workouts!