Whoah May

May is always been "my" month. The weather is my kind of weather - starting out on the cooler side of warm and ending with the opening act of summer.

When the month debuts we locals tend to flock to our beaches. The rides and stands begin to open. The sun starts to warm the sand. We don't swim; we just relish. At month's end the flood gates open - the 'season' begins. The crowds come with their large coolers and black socks. Time to lay low and visit the beach only at notoriously slower times. We head out early in the morning while the others creep on to the highway ready to sit in traffic with one another. We leave the beach as they arrive.

I age by a year each May. My birthday falls at the end of the month. Some tell me birthday's stop being looked forward to after 30. I say bring it on. My inlaws like to ignore the aging process; it's a point on which we do not agree.

Four years ago, May marked my 'almost a mother' Mother's Day. I got flowers. Two weeks later on my birthday the 'almost father' presented me with a heart shaped ruby and diamond pendant. Logan was due on July 10th. His birthstone would be rubies. He showed up a tad early on June 30th. Bruce has since bought me pearls (the birthstone for June.)Needless to say, Bruce did not buy me anything relating to a birthstone the second time around until after Megan was born.

Nine years ago we walked down the aisle. I wanted an April wedding. Bruce wanted June - we could honeymoon with better weather in Bermuda then. I turned my nose up at the sterotype "June bride" role. We settled on the very last day of May. We did have perfect weather both at home and in Bermuda.

This year, as in many years past, it's also the full reign of chaos in my professional life. I have two events to coordinate for next week, another for the first week of June, a fourth for the second week of June. Those are just the events. My plate seems to grow leaps and bounds this time of year without my resources keeping up. No wonder my various hobbies sit long ignored.

I sit here tired. Overwhelmed and yet excited. So much whirling past me, through me. It's time to take a deep breath and leap right in. Wish me luck!

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Reverberate58 said...

Good luck!! May is very busy here in my house with most of the family birthdays falling in this month. I like the overwhelmed and yet excited part. I agree.