Truth in Advertising

I was attempting to email my husband, who is again on a business trip. That's how we communicate when he's away overseas - we email a whole lot.

One child is still asleep. The other is the reason I am not.

As I sat typing my tale of last night's dinnertime saga Megan appeared at the doorway. She was crying the fake cry she cries when she wants her way but does not want to burden herself with wiping away actual tears. "I WANT MOMMY! MOMMY HELP ME!" she was saying over and over.

She stood in the doorway of our porch/playroom/office. It's a sliding glass door with a single step down into what used to simply be a sunroom without heating or A/C. We'd extended air ducts for both over the last 8 years. She normally can navigate the step on her own but only when she's got a free hand. At the moment, her hands were both full with Little People - Farmer Jed in one hand; Maggie in the other.

I lifted her and placed her on the floor next to me. That was not good enough.

"I want sit Mommy lap!" Megan declared. And that is never good when I'm trying to type because Meg's only content with being on my lap while I type for so long before she's stealing the mouse and removing my hands from the keyboard. (For example, at the moment, the mouse is sitting atop the scanner just out of her reach for it's own saftey.

I sighed as I lifted her. Moments ago I had excitedly informed her that it was Sunday and that meant Church and that meant she'd be in the nursery with "Miss Sue." Meg is a recent 'stay without a fuss' convert. She smiled sweetly at me and told me, "No. I want Mommy." And that just won't do today since Mommy can not bring squirming toddler to the front of the church to read her scripture verse today. Of all days for Daddy to travel, Grandma to be home with stitches and Meg to be extra clingy, it would have to be the day I'm scheduled to read.

Happily settled down on my lap, Megan grinned. She had gotten her way. She had won. She was putting her Little People in and out of their red car. "Watch out Mommy!" she yelled as she crashed the little red car driven by Sonya Lee into my wrist.

Planting a kiss on the my little 20-month old boss' cheek I said, "You are going to be a handful today, aren't you?"

She smiled at me with the seemingly angelic smile that fools so many others. She nodded and said very simply, "Yeah."


Jean-Luc Picard said...

What a charming answer she gave!

Michele sent me here.

colleen said...

When my boys were little the theme song in the house was "everybody wants you!" Meaning me...forget who sang that song from the 80s.

panthergirl said...

You know, I have spent this weekend converting my analog videos to digital. This means watching hours of footage of my kids at that age. While it's sad in one way for me to think of those children as "gone", there's also a part of me that is happy they've moved on... ;)

She sure is honest, isn't she?

Here via michele!

Carl V. said...

You gotta love the innocent honesty of children! The little stinkers! Have a great rest of the weekend...hope your reading went well at church.

Here from Michele's.

Wordnerd said...

Oh, what a story! It made me smile at the same time it brought tears to my eyes. It reminds me of a friend whose son (probably around 2-3 at the time) had been having a rough time behavior-wise, so she was complimenting him for a "good" day. She looked him in the eye, smiled, and said, "you were a good, good boy today, weren't you?" Ben smiled, replied "yes," and then said, in total honesty, "but I'm gonna be real bad tomorrow!"

Visiting from Michele's today, and hoping that your reading went well. Something tells me that no matter what happened, everything is fine.

I hope you don't mind that I've linked to you at my site -- your stories need sharin'!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Lol, Lol...She 's got you wrapped arounf her little finger...How early they learn how to do this, huh? Amazing.
I'm here from Michele today and it's always a pleasure to visit you Sandy...I'll be interested to see how the Church Happenings turned out what with your 'reading'...Hope it went well.

Cath said...

A very wise young lady for her years!